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Building Recognition

Dewey School Teachers Participate in MU Fellows Program
Published: Thursday, September 20, 2007 C-T

“To teach is to touch the future,” Linda Fox, Dewey school teacher told Chillicothe R-2 board members Tuesday night. “A new program within our district is putting the slogan into practice by touching the future generation of education.” Fox and Dewey School Principal Pam Brobst presented a report to the board praising the MU Fellows Program, a program currently in progress at the school.

The MU Fellows Teaching Program is the largest master's induction program in the geographic area from Illinois to Kansas. The program is a rigorous induction program offered by the College of Education and the MU Partnership for Education Renewal (MPER). Teaching fellows are first year teachers who work with a full time mentor and complete a master's degree that first year, too, Fox explained. This program also boasts free tuition, and a salary of about one half what other beginning teachers make.

Fox, who has been teaching for 35 years, 29 of those at Dewey, is currently serving as mentor to Kari Snyder and Erin Beckmann, who are both teaching first grade students. As mentor in the MU Fellows Program, Fox distributes her time between the fellows and Chillicothe R-2 professional development activities. In mid-May, she will also travel to the University of Missouri campus to grade oral presentations. According to Fox, Chillicothe R-2's partnership in this program began several years ago, and this is the second time that the district has participated. “Being a member of the partnership afforded Chillicothe R-2 and Dewey School an opportunity to take advantage of a unique program based on the right set of circumstances coming into play,” Fox explained. “The circumstances being several teaching positions opening up at Dewey at the same time.”

Both fellows at Dewey School receive intensive professional development and support during their fellowship year which usually leads them to excel further in their field later on. The mission of the program is to create an outstanding induction and support system for the first-year teachers. “They have a tremendous amount of talent, but can easily get overwhelmed by the challenges of classroom management and working with parents,” Fox said.