District Health Insurance


Below you will find current district insurance documents.

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Summary of Benefits

July 1, 2017 Health Insurance Rates:

Employee Only: $52.37; $425 (Board pays)

** Spouse: $463.41

**Children: $361.38; 1 emp. + children plan

** Children: $373.89; 2 emp. + family plan

** Family: $851.26

**Spouse, Child & Family rates are in addition to employee portion.

Benefit Solver

To make changes to your Health Insurance plan during open enrollment for for an IRS defined qualifying event, please register at www.benefitsolver.com to make these changes. When registering for the first time, you will need our our Company Key, MET. All changes will be subject to approval.


Open enrollment will be held 
May 1st-May 31st 
each year for a
July 1st
 effective date.