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Press Releases

Press Release Student Achievement at High Levels August 10, 2010
Chillicothe R2 students are learning at high levels based on the results of the state assessment. In each building, scores are the highest they have ever been on the communication arts portion of the Missouri Assessment Program test. Only in Central Elementary building, did the math scores dip to a level that is not the highest ever earned by students in the 5th and 6th grade building. Each of the buildings where stu- dents are tested showed improvement in communication arts and in mathematics.
The standards for proficiency rise each year in the attempt to have every child proficient in 2014. While the state sets the proficiency levels and establishes the tests, the federal government established the total proficiency target of 2014.
The students at Chillicothe High School met the proficiency level in communication arts with an im- provement of 13% increase in the number of students performing at the proficient level or higher. While Algebra I students showed an increase over last year of 35% earning proficient ratings or above. Despite facility issues, the Chillicothe Middle School met the communication arts goal with an increase of 6 % more students scoring at the proficient or better level. Middle School mathematics students showed an 8% increase in the numbers of students exhibiting proficiency.
Central Elementary students exhibited growth in communication arts and mathematics, as well. Com- munication Arts scores rose by 4%, while mathematics scores rose by 3%. In 2008, the Central Elemen- tary students earned higher ratings in mathematics than they did in 2010 by 2% points. Field Elementary students gained 19% in the numbers of students exhibited proficiency in communica- tion arts. Students on the math portion of the test met the standard with an improvement of 9% over the scores of 2009.
The MAP scores are a summative measure the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Edu- cation uses to assess student learning throughout the state. It’s is one measure of student achievement used by the District to document student learning.
“The increase in scores is directly attributed to the quality of instruction in our classrooms,” states Dr. Roger Barnes, superintendent of schools. “Teachers worked hard to identify what each child needed to learn and made it possible for the children to learn the content. Parents and community members should be proud of their children and of the teachers. The attention to instruction shows.” The high school and the middle school implemented remediation study halls and extra tutoring time for students. Each building trained teachers in specific strategies to use during reading instruction. Students at Dewey Elementary and Grand River Technical School do not take the state-wide assess- ments.

Press Release
Bus inspection results

The Chillicothe R2 School District buses passed inspection at a 91.3% rate.  The high approval rating earned the District a Total Fleet Excellence status. 
School District buses are inspected by the Department of Transportation each year.  This year, 273 districts earned the award.
Extra effort to insure safe transportation for the students was evident in successful pass rate this year.  In the previous year, 73.91% of the buses passed the initial inspection.
“I’m proud of Terry Mammen, our bus maintenance director, and the drivers for their outstanding work with our buses this year.  State bus inspectors are difficult to please, and we can be sure our students are traveling on safe equipment”, stated Dr.  Dr. Roger Barnes, superintendent of schools.

Press Release
Reading Achievement Improves
The reading achievement of the Chillicothe R2 students was the topic of presentations to the Board of Education at the June 18, board meeting.
The District-initiated focus on academic success requires building leadership teams to establish benchmarks of success.  Classroom assessments are used to gauge improvement.
The data indicate 93% of the kindergarten students are reading on grade level by the end of the year and 87% of our first graders are reading at or above grade level.  The 83% of the second graders are reading at or above grade level.  This year’s third graders have 66% reading at or above grade level.
The students at Central Elementary responded with 81% of the fourth graders increasing their reading level by one grade and with 80% of the fifith graders increasing their reading level by one grade.
At the beginning of the school year, 99 middle school students were reading 2 or more grade levels below expectation.  At the end of the year, 57 students were reading 2 or more grade levels below.
The ninth graders entered the school year with 13.7% reading 2 years below gradelevel, and exited with 12% reading below grade level.  Tenth graders’ test score shows a mixed result with a decline in students reading at or above grade level.  The early scores indicate 76.3% reading at or above grade level with the exit results being 71% at or above grade level.
While not required by the state, the local goals and assessments establish clear goals for our teachers and for our students. 
“We know from research that students need to be proficient readers by third grade.  For younger students, our teachers are working hard to enable the student success.  For our older students, teachers are working equally hard to help those who have fallen behind catch up.  A great deal of time and energy has been invested in assisting students, and it’s paying off,” stated Dr. Roger Barnes, superintendent of the Chillicothe R2 School District.